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IC60H RCBO earth leakage circuit breaker - 1P + N - C - 10 A - 30 mA - 240 V
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Link to the manufacturers site: A9D11810 - IC60H RCBO earth leakage circuit breaker - 1P + N - C - 10 A - 30 mA - 240 V


circuit breaker application: Distribution

range: Acti 9

range of product: Acti 9

product name: Acti9 iC60 RCBO

product or component type: Residual current breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO)

device short name: IC60H RCBO

poles description: 1P + N

[In] rated current: 10 A at 50 °C

earthing system: TN

curve code: C

earth-leakage sensitivity: 30 mA

breaking capacity: 10000 A Icn at 240 V AC 50/60 Hz


neutral position: Left

number of protected poles: 1

device location in system: Outgoer

network frequency: 50 Hz

network type: AC

trip unit technology: Thermal-magnetic

breaking capacity code: H

[Ue] rated operational voltage: 240 V AC 50/60 Hz

residual current tripping technology: Voltage dependent

earth-leakage protection time delay: Instantaneous

earth-leakage protection class: Type A

[Icw] rated short-time withstand current: Icw: 250 A during 8/20 µs impulse withstand

[Ics] rated service breaking capacity: 7500 A at 240 V AC 50/60 Hz

limitation class: 3

[Ui] rated insulation voltage: 400 V AC 50/60 Hz

[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage: 4 kV

surge current: 250 A

suitability for isolation: Yes

contact position indicator: Yes

control type: Toggle

local signalling: ON/OFF indication

mounting mode: Clip-on

mounting support: DIN rail

comb busbar and distribution block compatibility: NO

9 mm pitches: 2

height: 110 mm

width: 18 mm

depth: 77.5 mm

net weight: 205 g

colour: White

mechanical durability: 20000 cycles

electrical durability: 5000 cycles

provision for padlocking: Padlockable with padlock Ø 4 mm

locking options description: ON/OFF locking facilities

connections - terminals: Screw clamp terminal (top) 1…25 mm² rigid without cable end; Screw clamp terminal (top) 1…16 mm² flexible; Screw clamp terminal (bottom) 1…16 mm² rigid without cable end; Screw clamp terminal (bottom) 1…10 mm² flexible

wire stripping length: Power circuit: 13 mm for bottom connection; Power circuit: 14 mm for top connection

tightening torque: Power circuit: 3.5 N.m top; Power circuit: 2 N.m bottom

earth-leakage protection: Integrated


standards: BS EN 61009-1; IEC 61009-1; IEC 61009-2-2; AS/NZS 61009.1

IP degree of protection: IP20

tropicalisation: 2

relative humidity: 95 % at 55 °C

ambient air temperature for operation: -15…60 °C

ambient air temperature for storage: -40…85 °C

Offer Sustainability

Sustainable offer status: Green Premium product

REACh Regulation: Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive: Compliant

Mercury free: Yes

RoHS exemption information: Yes

China RoHS Regulation: Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental Disclosure: ENVPEP121008EN

Circularity Profile: ENVEOLI121005EN

WEEE: The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

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