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About Us

About Us

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 15:00

Company details:

Name: ALPLAN Kft.
Address: 1097 Budapest, Vaskapu str.7
Store adress: 1119 Budapest, Etele str. 73.
e-mail :
Phone: +36-1-206-35-08
Registration number: Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága: 01-09-688663
EU VAT number: HU12486780

Our company's predecessor the ALPLAN GMK was formed in 1985.

First we manufactured electronical joint-boxes (see: Archive recording) after that we switched to little and great trades of industrial electricity. The switch was after 1996 when we opened our store as ELEKTRO KELENFÖLD in Etele út 73, BUDAPEST 1119.

Our store's slogan connected to our profile is: "Everything that can be needed to distributor manufacturing", to the easier finding: "Opposite to the train station". Our company's profil is made to the highest level of serving with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC products for the distributor manufacturers.

Schneider specialist

For the better availability and the more perfect service for customers we costructed a huge stockpile which was the biggest SHNEIDER stockpile in Hungery until the SCHNEIDER Regional Distribution Center was built. And now we are first among the SCHNEIDER resellers in Hungary.

If anybody searched for a product in the SCHNEIDER customer service, they gave the name and address of 3 resellers jut to keep their neutrality, but also said that "If you want to go for sure try at the ALPLAN Kft. and their store the ELEKTRO KELENFÖLD.


The dealing philosophy of our company is staying on massive precepts and on traditional values, which ones are used for more than 18 years. These are the following:

  • Professional competency: We know the most about Schneider Electric products.

  • Speed: We grant deliveries to our partners immediately.

  • Technical growth: We have the biggest stockpile of both the newest and the oldest Schneider Electric products. Even if the product have been already completed.

  • Flexibility to our partners: Always are getting that they need.

  • Full reliability: All products has 18 months of guarantee.

The ALPLAN Kft. is marketing hundreds of product groups and more than 15000 products. In our store with our cars in Budapest and around it we can deliver the ordered products if we got the request within 24 hours from our warehouse above a certain amount of the price for our partners in Budapest and in the county of Pest.

Our flexibility and the familiar feeling of our services was made with the active participation of the owner, Mr. Ferenc Gelencsér. We only accept written orders, then our partner is getting a correct information about the price and the stock of the product.

The ALPLAN Kft. as a wholesaler the most significant thing are the demands of customers.

Our staff


Ferenc Gelencsér Owner and Manager
Tamás Fischbeck Business manager
Gelencsér Ferencné Trading assistant
Attila Balogh Logistics assistant
Julianna Gál Financial staff
ISO 9001 tanúsítvány
Automatizálási kereskedő partner oklevél
Disztribútori oklevél

A picture of our company's past


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