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Schneider Electric Altivar speed drives for bargain prices

Schneider Electric Altivar speed drives for bargain prices

Choose the best type for you demand and order it from our stock immediately.

Schneider Electric Altivar Machine 320 frekvenciaváltók

The Schenider Electric Altivar Machine 320 speed drives upgraded to general engagements has been renewed it's offerings. Until now there were the compact and the book formatted IP20, but now it's broaden by the new IP66 protected waterproof made propulsion making the family of products whole.

  Compact format (IP20) Book format (IP20) Waterproof (IP66)
370 W ATV320U04N4C ATV320U04N4B ATV320U04N4W
550 W ATV32U0U06N4C ATV320U06N4B ATV320U06N4W
750 W ATV320U07N4C ATV320U07N4B ATV320U07N4W
1,1 kW ATV320U11N4C ATV320U11N4B ATV320U11N4W
1,5 kW ATV320U15N4C ATV320U15N4B ATV320U15N4W
2,2 kW ATV320U22N4C ATV320U22N4B ATV320U22N4W
3 kW ATV320U30N4C ATV320U30N4B ATV320U30N4W
4 kW ATV320U40N4C ATV320U40N4B ATV320U40N4W
5,5 kW   ATV320U55N4B ATV320U55N4W
7,5 kW   ATV320U75N4B ATV320U75N4W
11 kW   ATV320D11N4B  
15 kW   ATV320D15N4B  


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